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Top 10 Best Free Drawing Software 2017

There were times in my college days when I wanted to have a good drawing software but, I couldn’t afford it. I had to make do with paint. Now, we all have a lot more options.

Have you been looking for a good free drawing software but which is much better that paint? Do you want more flexibility and features than your ordinary, normal photo editor won’t give you?

I have researched and compiled a list of drawing software that would be perfect for you. And most importantly, they are free.

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Top 10 Best Free Drawing Software that a Creative Digital Artist can use.

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1. DrawPlus Starter Edition

This is a free software which I really enjoy working on. It is excellent in terms of graphics and it is a great drawing software. It is a vector illustrator and has a set of interesting and useful tools like a brush, pen and pencil.
Another good thing about this software is that it is quite accurate. It is pretty good when you want to create designs. It has shape blending techniques and has professional colors.


The thing I love about GIMP is its community. It has a very strong and resourceful community which keeps working on improving it.

It is very stable, user friendly and has amazing features.

It has extensive customizations since there are a lot of people working on improving it. It has great tool sets and widgets.

It is excellent for photo editing. It is more for photo modification rather than a vector editor though.

3. Pixia

If you want a drawing software for color graphics then look no further than the Pixia. It has a wide array of tools which can be used for retouching an image or for painting.

You can customize the tip of the brush so the images can have unique effects depending on your imagination.

It has excellent layers and masks.

4. Artrage

It you are looking for a digital easel, and then the Artrage is the solution for you. You can literally paint and draw on it like you would be doing on paper. It has a seamless and very realistic experience.

It has 20 tools for painting and more than that there are various settings and presets so the end results are exponential in terms of variety.

It also has a tool for oil painting. This tool allows you to adjust the wetness and paint volume. This helps in is probably the closest thing you’ll ever get to a digital easel. Using this software is like drawing and painting on paper

It has a trial version which will not expire but in the trial version the export format is limited and so is the save resolution formt. But it an excellent tool for starting out and the free version is really good.

5. Chasys Draw IES

This is a full feature vector graphics drawing software that allows you to do great designs and manipulate and modify images with a wide range of tools.

It has a step by step modeule pattern too if required if you are a newbie.

It has a Windows aero-compatible which is transparent and it keeps other unused tools and other windows which are not used semi transparent. This is until you hover over it so you can use a wide range of tools and windows.

It is a very powerful and useful software

6. Inkscape

Inkscape is a powerful flexible and very stable vector drawing software. It has a simple and easy interfece. It has easily accessible tools and options. It has side palettes which are nicely folded in.

It’s a multi purpose free vector drawing software with which you can create anything from complex designs to simple logos.

7. Smooth Draw

If you are a freehand artist then the SmoothDraw is one of the best free drawing software program out there. You can do just about anything with this software right from designing and drawing presentations, graphics, or invitations.

You have tool and brush configuration. You have inkflow. You have an easy interface. You have advanced image effects. What more can we ask for.

Best free drawing software for 3D design

8. Google Sketchup

If you want to create great 3D designs and you want a tool to do it, the Google Sketchup tool is the best you can use.

Even if you don’t have experience using the Google Sketchup tool, you can still create amazing designs and 3D images.

It is easy to use and free of any technicality. It is very simple. Also it has excellent guides so you don’t risk getting stumped while using it. You can also export your drawings to Google Earth.

Finally, you get amazing, professional looking 3D designs

Best free drawing software for newbies and new artists

9. Paint.Net

Paint is one of the simplest and most powerful drawing software available. It allows you to create, retouch, design and restore images.

It is excellent for newbies as it is simple to use and it has a range of tools to choose from.

It has a wide range of plugins and also has an unlimited undo option which is of great use when you are a newbie.

10. Pinta

This is the lightest and most easy to use drawing software that I have used which is open source.

Pinta has a wide range of menus with over 40 entries for editing an image. It also supports multiple drawing tools, color adjustments. Layers and photo effects.

It allows you to do free hand drawing and has undos till the last save which is a BIG help for a newbie. You can experiment as much with the image without worrying.

It is compatible with mac, windows and linux.

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