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Pressure Washer Accessories

Pressure Washer Accessories – We know how important it is to keep your car and outdoor areas clean. By using a pressure washer you get premium results and can save time.

Pressure Washer AccessoriesAt Amazon there is a range of accessories to suit pressure washers from the leading brands like Karcher, Gerni, Blackridge and Stanley.

Their range of accessories are designed to suit a variety of washing applications like cleaning the house, car, motorcycle, boat, patio and driveway.

View the range of cleaning accessories like foam sprayers, nozzles, adapters and hoses online or in store at Amazon.

Pressure Washer Accessories – The Top 20 

Best Seller – 1. Garden Hose Nozzle BESTOPE Hand Spray Nozzle – Heavy Duty 8 Adjustable Pattern Pistol Grip Front Trigger Water Nozzle with Connector

2. Camco 40055 Brass Water Pressure Regulator – Lead Free

3. Rain Bird P2A Pressure Gauge

4. Coleman 2000005062 5-Ft. High-Pressure Hose & Adapter

5. Powerwasher 80006 Universal Pressure Washer Garden Hose Quick-Connect Kit

6. DUSICHIN SFL-001 Pressure Washer Jet Wash 1/4″ Quick Release Adjustable Snow Foam Lance, Foam Cannon

7. Ivation Electric Pressure Washer 2200 PSI 1.8 GPM with Power Hose Nozzle Gun and Turbo Wand, All Parts Included, W/ Built in Soap Dispenser

8. DUSICHIN DUS-025 Pressure Washer Spray Nozzle Tips Multiple Degrees, 1/4 Inch 2.5 GPM

9. BE Pressure 85.400.007 Washer Gutter Cleaner Attachment, 4000 PSI, Chrome/Brass

10. PowerFit PF31023B Surface Cleaner, 15-Inch

11. Turbo Jet Power Washer, High Pressure Spray Nozzle

12. Powerwasher 80012 Universal Electric Pressure Washer Replacement Gun and Hose

13. AR Blue Clean 10″ Deck, Patio & Flat Surface Cleaner. Save time, water and energy on your next cleaning project. Ideal accessory for cleaning patios, decks…

14. Briggs & Stratton Pressure Washer Pump Saver – 4 Oz. 6039

15. Briggs & Stratton 6195 Quick-Connect Turbo Spray Nozzle for Pressure Washers

16. Briggs & Stratton 1/4-Inch X 25′ Pressure Washer Hose 196006GS

17. Liberty Garden 710 Navigator Rotating Garden Hose Reel, 125-Feet

18. Apache 99023802 4000 PSI Pressure Washer Gun Kit with Male Metric Adapters & Quick Disconnect Spray Tips

19. Garden Hose Nozzle: SUMMER SALE by Careful Gardener: Best for Lawns, Plants & Shrubs, Washing Cars, Dogs + Pets. Free Detachable

20. SIMPSON Cleaning 40224 3100 PSI Cold Water Replacement/Extension Hose for Gas and Electric Pressure Washers, 1/4-Inch by 25-Feet

I hope you liked our list of Pressure Washer Accessories. You can check more details of them on Amazon.


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Best Propane Smoker Reviews 2016

Best Propane Smoker Reviews – There are good propane smoker models available in the market, easier to use  than the charcoal smokers and also are very portable, these smokers do not require electrical connection. To help you buy the best rated, and the best valued propane smoker in the market, our recommendations guide will do just that. Also check our Best Electric Smoker Reviews

Reviews for some of the favourite propane smokers are given below check them out.

Best Propane Smoker Reviews 2016


Best Propane Smoker – No 1 Masterbuilt 20075315

Best Propane Smoker, Propane Smoker reviewsFeaturing top on the list is the best seller in the market, the Masterbuilt 2-door propane smoker.This smoker comes with four chrome coated racks and gives a total of 717 square inches of cooking space. To help you to turn on and off the smoker easily, the push button does that exactly. The water pan lets the chef to add more flavour to the smoke, the porcelain coated wooden chip tray makes cleaning very easy. To make it easy to handle even when the temperature in the propane smoker is rising, the masterbuilt propane smoker comes equipped with handles on the door. This is a great smoker for anyone wishing to try out a propane smoker.

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Best Propane Smoker No 2 – Camp Chef Smoke Vault


Camp-Chef-Smoke-VaultThis propane smoker looks more like a bank vault, comes equipped with a thermometer on the door, the Camp Chef Smoke Vault has a very cool appeal, for making adjustments there are 2 smoking racks. The smokers also provides with 3 damper valves for keeping the meat moist while cooking, therefore if you are the one who is inclined to try out your skills then this smoker would just help you do that. Heavy gauge steel has been used in making the wood tray which makes it very durable, that is why the  Camp Chef Smoke Vault often receives high ratings, and should be looked at as one of the options for propane smokers.


Best Propane Smoker No. 3 – Smoke Hollow 38202G-Smoke Hollow 38202G


Smoke-Hollow-38202GIf you are looking for a propane smoker that is priced in the mid range, then The Smoke Hollow 2-Door smoker is a good smoker. For making it convenient there are 2 doors on this unit, one to refill water and the other for wood pan, this helps the user without releasing the flavour of the . To release the smoke there are vents provided with the gas control system to adjust the temperature. To insulate the heat the cabinet is made of quality steel that has space of about 3.4 cubic feet. If one is looking for a reasonably priced propane smoker and a good quality then this propane smoker is the one definitely considering .

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Best Propane Smoker no. 4 – Smoke Hollow 44241G2

Smoke-Hollow-44241G2Another great choice of propane smoker for those looking out for the best is the Smoke Hollow Vertical LP Gas Smoker. The smoke Hollow Vertical LP Gas Smoker is by far the best in the market and is a great choice for anyone who is looking for a great propane smoker. The porcelain coated pans just keep the heat of the wood cihps,to make sure that there is enough smoke that fills the cabinet there are two wood chip pans provided just for doing that, for those that want to smoke jerky there are two racks, a rack for ribs and three cooking grate. This unit is very easy to refuel because of its two door system and it does not loose the flavor. Anyone who uses smokers quite often and are on the lookout for high quality propane smokers this one is the best.

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Best Propane Smoker no. 5 – Masterbuilt M7P 7-in-1 Smoker and GrillMasterbuilt M7P 7-in-1 Smoker and Grill

Masterbuilt-M7P-7-in-1-Smoker-and-GrillThe Masterbuilt 7 in 1 smoker is more of a multipurpose smoker as it uses charcoal or propane as fuel to power its cooking, this multipurpose smoker can be used to cook at campings, deep fry, boil water, or even smoke food, the best part of this multipurpose smoker is that it does not take too much of space and for anyone who is conscious of space saving, then this multipurpose smoker is a good choice. Solid steel is used to make the main bowl compartment of this smoker which can hold 10/12 quarts and it has been coated with porcelain. Truly a versatile smoker.

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Pressure Washer Hose

Pick Hose Diameter

pressure washer hose

There are many ways in which one can buy pressure washer hose, the first option is take the current one to the store and get a replacement, the other option is to go online and check out if you know the diameter and specifications, which otherwise will also be mentioned in the user manual. However there are 3 diameter hoses one can choose from:


Out of  the 10 best pressure washers and extension hoses that were bought online;


  • 8 were ¼ inch diameter,this is the most common one that is used  around home as replacement in pressure washers. The other 2 were
  • 3/8 inch diameter which are used for heavy duty pro machines as they require a high volume of flow requirement as the diameter is thick.
  • 5/16 inch diameter are not widely used as the other 2.

Pick Hose Material


The component that the hose is made up of is important as this will influence its pricing, durability and flexibility.

The widely available 3 types in the market are:

  • Plastic Hose: This hose is the most affordable one, it is used in light duty and medium duty pressure washers. Though being quite flexible users wished that this could have been more flexible. A garden hose is made of plastic PVC.
  • Rubber hose or Synthetic Hose: A good garden hose will be ideally made of this material, however a 50 foot rubber high pressure hose will cost anything upwards of $ 50 or more.
  • Polyurethane Hose: This hose offers the best of everything that one can look for in terms of durability, flexibility, weight etc however it is also the most expensive one for reasons outlined.

Connection Type

An adaptor will always be required to make optimum use of the hose, therefore it does not matter  what type of connection your pressure gun, wand or pressure washer is.

Here’s what connections are out there:

  • Female and Male M22 threaded –  Make sure your gun is M22 male as all replacement hoses are M22 female on both ends.
  • Female and Male Quick-connect – These Quick connect  connections are normally packaged and included with the pressure washers, in case extra are needed please order them at the time of purchase.

Pick Hose Length

Do you want 25, 35 or 50-ft length? Take your pick.

Which are the recommended pressure washer hoses?

The 1/4-inch Pressure Washer Hose To Buy: Briggs and Stratton 25-foot 3000 PSI Hose

The 3/8-inch Pressure Washer Hose To Buy: Simpson 50-foot 4500 PSI Hose

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Best Electric Pressure Washer Reviews

Best Electric Pressure Washer Reviews for 2016 – Pressure washers are tools that are essential in helping you clean walkways and those hard-to-reach areas in your house or property that you own, they are ideal for home or commercial use. Therefore it makes sense that you buy just the best electric pressure washer which will do the job for you. You will experience how easy and reliable these tools are to keep your property in a well maintained condition. All that matters is to check the reviews in helping you make the decision to purchase the right electric pressure washer which is value for money spent.

This detailed guide will help you to buy the finest and best electric pressure washer for your needs. Find out about the best features to look out for in some the right type and the best brands that are available in the market to meet your needs.

If you want a quick review you can check out Best Performance Electric Pressure Washer Reviews in terms of performance and price below:

Best Electric Pressure Washer as per Performance

The best Electric Pressure Washer in terms of performance is the AR Blue Clean 1900 Electric Pressure Washer. It is the best Electric Pressure Washer that is available in the market today. You won’t find any other machine that can beat it in terms of durability, performance or quality. Check its latest price and reviews on Amazon


Best Electric Pressure Washer as per Price

The best Electric Pressure Washer in terms of performance is the AR Blue Clean AR118 Electric Pressure Washer. It is the best Electric Pressure Washer that is available in the market today for its price. Check its latest price and reviews on Amazon

Best Electric Pressure Washer Reviews

best electric pressure washer reviews

In helping you to make an informed decision and help you buy the best electric pressure washer, we feature the top-rated brands that are available in the market. The features and benefits are stated for each of them, which will help you choose the right one that satisfies your needs.

1. AR Blue Clean 1900 with 1,900 PSI and 1.5 GPM 14 Amp Electric Pressure Washer with Hose Reel
AR Blue Clean AR383 with 1,900 PSI and 1.5 GPM 14 Amp Electric Pressure Washer with Hose ReelThe AR Blue Clean 1900 is an electric pressure washer that is powerful, portable, convenient and that can be easily stored in your home. It has received favourable ratings from many reviews written about most of the electric pressure washers because of its finest feature of the selection of wide choice of attachments that you can use it for any applications one needs to. The finest feature besides the other numerous features about this equipment which other average brands fail to offer is its wide selection of attachments, so you can use it for any applications you have in mind.
Impressive Components: This superior quality pressure washer comes with a 30-foot power cord, that makes it easy to use it anywhere in your home or in the commercial area, thereby avoiding the need of an extension cord. The dual wheel trolley system and the ergonomic handle makes it easy and convenient for you to move it wherever you want to . To help you keep the hose neatly in one place this powerful pressure washer is that it has a built-in reel. Durability is assured of the unit as it’s body is made of high quality copper, aluminium and plastic and aluminium.
Functionality: One will find it easy to use this unit on tough applications and heavy duty such as cleaning your car, doghouse or the driveway because it has an adjustable nozzle. Further this unit comes with a reservoir for liquid detergent wherein you can always add your choice of cleaning soap to add to the high pressure of water and an injection kit, because of its wide use of applications this electric pressure washer is considered as the best one.Other Features
The total stop system works as a single switch for turning the power on or off or turning it on automatically before and after use. Also this unit comes equipped with a pressure safety unit f valve to ensure that the unit will not operate immediately when not in the safety zone, these features add safety value to the product. Finally the complete unit comes with a warranty, therefore in the event of the ailing to function one need not worry or bother about.
Check its latest price and reviews on Amazon


2. Sun Joe SPX3000 2030 PSI 1.76 GPM Electric Pressure Washer, 14.5-Amp
Sun Joe SPX3000 2030 PSI 1.76 GPM Electric Pressure WasherDust particles and debris collect easily on Patios and decks, even though a water hose can be used to clean them, the amount of time spent doing this without pressure is much more, this is where the electric pressure washers make cleaning these areas easier, faster and a complete job. Therefore users who need a dependable electric pressure washer should look at the powerful product manufactured by Snow Joe, the Sun Joe SPX3000.Impressive Components: This most unique feature of this electric pressure washer unit is that it comes equipped with the TSS or total stop system, when the trigger is not pulled this helps the unit to stop and pause, which saves energy and wastage of water thereby making the unit more durable in the longer run.

This electric pressure washer releases 1.76 gallons per minute which means its power packed PSI of 2030 can be used to clean quite a number of areas in and around the house and even small vehicles and larger vehicles.
Other Features
To add versatility and multi-use this product is provided with a total of 5 tips because a good connection tip is what makes an electric pressure washer good. Different attachments in this electric pressure washer will suit each type of surface. This unit is not heavy though as it weighs only 31 pounds and comes with large wheels. 2 kinds of detergents can be chosen from the dial to store on board. The horizontal and vertical planes can be easily reached due to the provision of the long power cord that is 35 feet and the hose that is 20 feet.

Check its latest price and reviews on Amazon


3. AR Blue Clean AR118 1,500 PSI 1.5 GPM Hand Carry Electric Pressure Washer AR Blue Clean model AR118 electric pressure washer has an easy carry handle that makes it easily portable which makes it easy for people to power wash vehicles and in the house. Anyone with bigger houses, patios, gardens will find the pressure washers with their multiple tips useful as spraying water with pressure will easily remove dirt and grime that has been embedded for a long time from any surface and wash them away.
Impressive Components: This hand held electric pressure washer weighs only 11.7 pound and is comparatively smaller making it easier to store in small areas as compared to the larger ones that require more space.Functionality : The AR118 being a portable handheld unit becomes much easier to carry around and clean spaces that are unreachable by other traditional pressure washers, this unit’s power to pump out 1.5 gallons per minute at 1900 PSI lifts out particles and dust easily from the ground. One can control the water flow from thick to thin and vice versa due to its adjustable spraying wand without having to change tips frequently.

Other Features: The market leader Annovi Reverberi has been manufacturing quality pressure washers and because of their modern features and functionality their models are very popular. This pressure washer comes with a 20 feet long house, a 30 feet power cord and a detergent tank. It also features two different types of wands, one that is easily adjustable to spray at various angles and the other that rotates. When not in use the automatic valve shuts off thereby increasing its safety and saving energy and water waste.

Check its latest price and reviews on Amazon


4. Campbell Hausfeld PW182501AV Electric Pressure Washer, 1900 psi
Campbell Hausfeld PW182501AV Electric Pressure WasherThe Campbell Hausfeld electric pressure washer makes it easy to clean your yard or other parts in your house and is a value investment for people who need a tool that is reliable and can produce excellent quality results. The Turbo wand that comes with the unit is very effective in cleaning household. The unit consumes 80 percent less water as compared to a regular garden hose.Impressive Components: The Turbo wand helps you clean items and every section within it is kept free of dirt, however a word of caution is that one needs to be careful to use this unit on tougher and durable surfaces as it may damage items.

Functionality: The built in start and stop button is a very convenient feature, the equipment will stop as you release the trigger gun to help the motor and pump working for many years.

Other Features
Whenever one wants to flush away the grime and dirt in your home the detergent container is one such feature, the others are on-board generous storage for the cord, hose and the wand. The twist-nozzle component lets you spray water from 0 to 60 degrees and the adjustable fan lance helps you clean your car, boats and windows of your house.

Check its latest price and reviews on Amazon


5. Karcher X-Series with the Industry’s First Water Cooled Induction Motor, with 2000PSI and 25-Foot Hose with Hose Reel (K5.540)
Karcher X-Series 2000PSIKarcher K 5.540 2000 PSI 1.4 GPM Electric Pressure Washer w/ Hose Reel & Detergent Tank, 25-Ft Hose
The Karcher X –Series electric pressure washer is also another durable and reliable unit and worth considering. This pressure washer can clean sections of the house and narrow spaces, cracks in the walkway and can almost clean any area in your home or yard, being portable, moving this unit is never a problem, and this product is an efficient toll for light and heavy jobs.Impressive Components: For cleaning convenience this product comes with a variety of wand to clean any area. The Dirt Blaster Spray wand increases the pressure by as much as 50 percent that can tackle tougher and bigger jobs. The Vario Power Spray wand offers you many options in adjusting level of pressure emanating from the unit which is useful in performing quick and effective cleaning for light jobs, and fragile household materials.

The Karcher X-Series uses water for cooling the induction motor that gets any cleaning job done fastest and efficiently and since it uses water the product remains durable for a longer period of time.
Other Features
One can add liquid detergent to clean any item or areas in the house, since the unit comes with a detergent tank. One can be assured of quality results in minutes for light and medium cleaning jobs.

Check its latest price and reviews on Amazon


Features to Look for in an Good Electric Pressure Washer

Best Electric Pressure Washer Reviews –  The important features need to be checked when buying the best electric pressure washer for commercial or home use.

1. PSI
Electric pressure washers with a high PSI ratings can be used for tough cleaning jobs while the ones with a lower PSI rating will get the job done on lighter tasks such as cleaning household items and washing your car.

2. GPM
If you need a unit that can flush out grime and dirt thoroughly and easily, then one needs to check on the GPM of the pressure washer, it is best to determine the GPM value on the type of job that is to be done.

3. Hot or Cold Water
If you are looking for unit that can be used for tougher job like cleaning the roof or driveways, then one needs to look for a pressure washer that has an input for water as high as 70 degrees Celsius. Pressure washer with a input for cold water can do less intensive cleaning jobs. However, if you are looking for flexibility then you can look for a unit that releases both hot and cold water..

4. Type of Nozzle
Another feature that one needs to look at is the nozzle, since it releases water in various degrees or angles. A larger nozzle at 45 degree angle will release water for cleaning a wider sheet but the pressure becomes less. A nozzle that has a zero degree angle will release water in a direct and straight flow.

5. Type of Pressure Washer
Small cleaning jobs such as required for a car, doghouse, or your bike a lower rating PSI light duty pressure washer will do. Medium jobs such as cleaning a fence, deck or a small pathway a medium duty pressure washer will do the job. For larger jobs such as cleaning a big driveway, house siding, or cleaning the stable a bigger heavy duty pressure washer will do the job.

Depending on the PSI rating and performance level, pressure washers are available in 3 types. The light duty pressure washer has a maximum PSI of 1700, the medium duty pressure washer has a PSI between 1700 to 2800 PSI whereas the heavy duty has a PSI of 2800 and higher, the next section will be discussed at length on the different types of pressure washers.

Other aspects that one needs to consider when buying pressure washers is first its water efficiency, as the unit will consume less water when cleaning areas or items in the house, secondly the speed at which it removes dirt and its deep cleaning capability

Types of the best Electric Pressure Washer

Best Electric Pressure Washer Reviews – The following below mentioned are the different types of electric pressure washers available in the market. Discover the main features of each of them to help you decide on making the best decision to buy for the cleaning jobs you have in mind.

1. Light-Duty Pressure Washer
A light-duty pressure washer will remove light stains, to flush dirt in garages, fences, decks, stairways, you can use it for cleaning furniture, pet’s house or crate, cars, bikes and trucks as it has a rating of 1700 PSI and lower, therefore with this type of electric pressure washer cleaning a spacious driveway or preparing walls prior to paint will get difficult.

A good brand of a light duty pressure washer will cost you about $100 that will last for years, though the price paid will be much higher than a garden hose, one can expect to be satisfied as the cleaning job will be done faster and thoroughly. One needs to look for reliable brands such as Karcher or Campbell Hausfeld. As long as you buy a pressure washer that provides best performance and is durable, one will not regret every dollar spent on them

2. Medium-Duty Pressure Washer

A good brand of high powered medium duty pressure washer will cost you about $150 to $ 350, but this will solve your problem of cleaning a badly-stained driveway, or a garage floor, house siding, or a patio, the unit can get rid of stubborn stains, dust, grime and dirt. Look out for washers that are equipped with detergent container so that you can use your favourite cleaning agent.

The medium duty pressure washer features higher PSI rating and higher GPM to make it easier for tougher job within a shorter time. The unit can be used in removing dirt and mud in concrete surfaces and areas in your house. Units with 2000 PSI to 3000 PSI can be found, they will get the job completed quickly, which saves your time to clean and maintain areas of your home or vehicle and your can expect it to perform equally well every time you use it.

3. Heavy-Duty Pressure Washer

For intense cleaning jobs, heavy duty pressure washers with a higher PSI rating of 2800 and above are required, they offer superb power. As the unit delivers high pressure this unit can be used for preparing the wall prior to painting, preparing surfaces before painting and for cleaning your homes sidings, this unit can get rid of encrusted dirt or grime on any areas. However one needs to exercise caution here that they cannot be used on vehicles and delicate home items because of the discharge of water at a very high pressure and they can easily damage fragile objects. Most of the top brands of heavy duty pressure washers are prices at above $ 300.

One can definitely rely on the heavy duty pressure washers due to its superior power than the light or medium duty pressure washers. These units even when used extensively or daily can be used for deep and intense cleaning anytime and anywhere. Therefore anyone who is either a homeowner or a contractor and who prefers a tool that is durable and very functional for tough jobs, then one should get a heavy duty pressure washer for trouble free cleaning experience, you will get the best quality of cleaning for many years.

Benefits Of Electric Pressure Washer

Best Electric Pressure Washer Reviews – If one is thinking of buying an electric pressure washer then one needs to know and learn more about the different benefits that the electric pressure washer has to offer. Given below are some of the key benefits one can expect for performing cleaning jobs at home or in any other places using electric pressure washers.

1. Quick Cleaning

Over a period of time any outdoor spaces or surfaces get covered with a very thick layer of dirt, mud and grime, if not cleaned then this will harden and become caked mud, this only makes it very tedious and difficult to clean. This is where the electric pressure washer does its job of cleaning and removing the dirt and grime completely, thereby saving you time and energy.

2. Choose the right setting for sensitive or tough cleaning jobs.

Depending upon the level of dirt and grime accumulated, one needs to choose the right type of pressure washers, and they are equipped with different settings to help you choose the right type of water pressure, to eliminate dirt and grime in delicate and tougher areas you would require higher amount of water pressures. If you are cleaning your fence, car or patio then you can quickly clean with a light duty pressure washer as the unit will release about 25 percent more water pressure from a garden hose. To remove more stubborn stains and dirt from the siding, driveway and other places that are hard to reach at home, you can use medium to heavy duty pressure washers.

3. Performs any cleaning job without releasing much noise.

Electric pressure washers are portable and operate silently without creating much noise which may cause annoyance and disturbance to your neighbours, compared to them a gas powered pressure washer is portable. It is advisable though to have a power outlet in the area where you are planning to clean.
With the benefits that have been enumerated above for electric pressure washers you will find making a buying decision easy for a quick and efficient cleaning experience.

Best Electric Pressure Washer Reviews – Keeping your home and other areas of it can be too much of a hassle and time consuming, using an efficient and functional pressure washer you will be able to maintain in a clean condition your vehicles, yard and home. Therefore to ensure that you buy only the best electric pressure washers available in the market we have featured here in this reviews the benefits and features of the different electric pressure washers.

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Best Gas Pressure Washers Reviews 2016

Best Gas Pressure Washers Reviews 2016 – The best thing about Gas pressure washers is that their mechanism has not changed over the years, but their technology has changed making it easier to operate – that is start, operate and maintain. These pressure washers are durable, versatile and powerful but they are noisy, bulky and more maintenance prone.
You never have to worry about the GPM and PSI output with the pump generating pressure off the engine. They are better as compare to electric variants when you need efficient cleaning. Be careful though that gas pressure washers should never be used within a confined space as they produce lethal carbon monoxide fumes that are odourless and colorless.

Best Gas Pressure Washers Reviews 2016

best gas pressure washers reviews

What Do Our Gas Pressure Washer  Reviews Have To Say?

1. Simpson MSH3125-S

Simpson MSH3125-SThe Simpson MSH3125-S is designed for use in commercial as well as residential areas, the engine is one of the best engines built with high quality material, the premium GV190 Honda engine

The 5 nozzle tips provides superior cleaning performance based on their OEM technology based head. It also comes with an accessory storage system for nozzles, spray guns and hose.

You can clean the exteriors of your household with relative ease and the results are worth with this pro style design machine, one of its kind. You can easily manoeuvre this machine as it is light weight, offers easy storage and is light weight.

Check latest price and reviews on Amazon.

2. Generac 6922 2,800 PSI 2.5 GPM

Generac-6596-Gas-Power-WasherBest Gas Pressure Washers – Generac 6922 model is a part of Generac’s well-known products. It is packed with a powerful 196cc OHV engine from the manufacturer for the highest levels of cleaning performance and reliability.

Designed as a really flexible pressure washer, it comes with 4 quick spray nozzle tips to meet different requirements of pressure output and a 25-foot hose that suits large areas.

For more comforts, it includes a built-in step and an integrated gun holster that allow handling the machine with ease. Meanwhile, the welded frame results in an excellent durability to last for years.

Check its latest price and reviews on Amazon


3. Simpson PS3228-S PowerShot 3200 PSI 2.8 GPM

Simpson PowerShot 3200 PSI 2.8 GPM Honda GX200 Powered Gas Pressure WasherBest Gas Pressure Washers – The Simpson PS 3228-S is the best in the market and if you are on the lookout for a pro washer than this is the one. The Honda PowerShot GX200 engine caters to the most difficult environment

To deliver an efficient cleaning performance the AAA triplex industrial pump equipped with the best technology attached to it. There are 5 stainless steel nozzle tips and a soap applicator for enhanced cleaning.

When you need to refill oil, the engine gives out alerts to deliver a hindrance and smooth performance. This machine has been tested and the reviews are good making it a reliable product in the market.

Check its latest price and reviews on Amazon


How to choose the best gas pressure washer

Consider the frequency of use

If you are going to use a washer for 2 times a week, then you should select a commercial grade washer and these will give you hour of cleaning but they are expensive but worth the money. However on the other hand if you are going to use it occasionally then you should settle for a cheaper one, why spend the hard earned money if there is no daily requirement.

Determine your cleaning tasks

Determine the type of cleaning tasks that you are going to perform before buying a pressure washer, there are a variety of them available in the market. A pressure washer that delivers around 700 PSI is just about perfect for cleaning your vehicle. A pressure washer with PSI of around 1500 is suited for cleaning the exterior of your house, the deck. A pressure washer around 3000 PSI should suffice for cleaning your driveway. Also you may consider spending a little more on buying an adjustable pressure washer which will deliver a wide range of water pressures to suit your needs.

Decide the type of energy your machine consume

Another deciding factor when choosing pressure washers is your access for powering these machines, pressure washers typically run on gas, diesel, petrol, electricity, hydraulic high pressure and more. You can list them down into different groups based on their power source. Each of them has their advantages and disadvantages.

Consider how much water you need to use for projects

Hot water pressure washers are generally used for cleaning and sanitizing animal cages since they deliver water at a high pressure that has been heated with a heating coil in the unit, this will get rid of harmful molds and moss.

Generally pressure washers use cold water except for a few that use hot water. The hot water pressure washers consume more power but are able to get the job done with less water, however a cold water pressure washer will consume more water, therefore if water billing is your concern then you may need to look at this factor.

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Portable Pressure Washer

Best Portable Pressure Washer Reviews 2016 – If you are on the lookout for the best portable pressure washers in the market for all your cleaning and washing needs, then you have come to the right place. We have put together reviews for various customers and expert technicians with their results from testing numerous model, the best of the best review are mentioned here below.

If you are intending to clean your yard, home and are looking for the best quality pressure washer or looking for the right pressure cleaner to clean your caravan, cars, boats or are contemplating on investing in high quality cleaning equipment for your business, we present the best electric options available to you.


Best 3 Portable Pressure Washer Reviews 2016

1. SUN JOE SPX3000 2030 PSI 1.76 GPM 14.5-AMP

portable pressure washerSun Joe SPX3000 is an electric pressure washer designed to take care of variety of tasks, such as cleaning homes, buildings, RV’s, cars, trucks, driveways, patios, lawn equipment and more.

In short this electric pressure washer delivers all your washing needs. This unit is driven by a 14.5 ampere and 1800 watt motor to generate water pressure upto 1.76 GPM and 2030 PSI, the water flow is enhanced for increased cleaning power.





• Comes with a 35 feet power cord
• The 20 foot high pressure hose pipe is kept very organized
• There is a dial for detergent selection
• Is equipped with a garden hose (female coupler) adapter
• Powerful motor at 1800 watts – 14.5 ampere


• Grease and tar stains are easily removed from concrete
• Rust, heavy mildew, and oil stains are easily removed from steel.
• Grime, stubborn gunk and caked mud is easily removed from equipments
• Has a total stop system (TSS) trigger which automatically powers off the pump whenever the trigger is not engaged
• Backed with a 2 year full warranty

Check the latest price on Amazon
2. AR BLUE CLEAN AR383 1,900 PSI 1.5 GPM 14-AMP

AR Blue Clean AR383 with 1,900 PSI and 1.5 GPM 14 Amp Electric Pressure Washer with Hose ReelThe AR383 pressure washer is powered by electricity and designed and built of plastic together with aluminium, and copper.

It comes with lance having foam dispenser, adjustable jet nozzle, a gun and two wheel trolley for easily portability and a high pressure hose.

To ensure durability it has an induction motor, to improve end result and efficiency of the machine a water filter is given.

This pressure washer is ideal to clean your office, business and home.





• Comes equipped with a 30 foot power cord
• A hose reel for the 20 feet hose and to keep the hose organized a hand crank is provided
• Comes equipped with a total stop system (TSS) to turn off and on the machine automatically
• Capable of rendering pressure upto 1900 PSI, the motor is rated at 120 Volts, 60 Hz and 11 amperes


  • The washer saves a whopping 80% water over a standard garden hose, this product has gone green

Check the latest price on Amazon


Simpson MSH3125-SSIMPSON MSH3125-S 3100 PSI 2.5 GPM Gas Pressure Washer -The design of the MegaShot has incorporated ideas and interests of Do It Yourself (DIY) type of people who a constantly looking for maximum output at minimum input, this pressure washer is ideal for shop and home use.

This pressure washer is great when it comes to cleaning of patios, decks, outdoor furniture and house sidings, and also preparing the wall prior to painting and is very simple to use.




Special Features

• Durable as the frame is welded.
• For easy movement in all terrains 10 pneumatic tyres are available
• Power boost technologies for high pressure production and OEM technologies for axial-brass head pump
• The ergonomically spray gun has a safety lockout system
• For efficient and effective cleaning it has a downstream detergent release/injection feature


• Has very little maintenance work to be done
• A limited warranty of 2 years
• Design of the spray gun is ergonomic
• It is convenient to transport and store for future use with the onboard storage for high pressure hoses, spray gun/wand, nozzles.

Check the latest price on Amazon 

I hope you liked our list of Best portable pressure washers for 2016.  Also check Best pressure washer reviews

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Lowes Pressure Washers 2016

Lowes Pressure Washers 2016 – Lowe’s have a wide selection of electric pressure washers and gas pressure washers, you could choose from brands such as Simpson, Generac, Husqvarna, Briggs & Stratton and Troy-Bilt.  These pressure washers are able to tackle any cleaning task big or small because many projects at times do need an extra boost of power to keep things clean and neat..

Lowes Pressure Washers – Finding the Right Pressure Washer Rental

Lowes Pressure Washers

Lowes Pressure Washers – At times when a regular hose just won’t do the job, you need to get a pressure washer. These pressure washers through a hose or spray tip or nozzle creates a high pressure blast of water which is powered by a pump that works on gasoline or electricity.

There are several options to choose from if you are looking to rent out a pressure washer. They are classified in three categories: Heated, Commercial and residential. You may also need to consider the fuel type, power capacity and accessories to go along as they have a variety of options.

The most important thing to bear in mind is that you need to keep the safety factor in mind as pressure washers shoot out water at an incredible rate causing injury if one is not careful, therefore whichever type of pressure washer you need to get keep Safety in mind. Safety requirements differ from each pressure washer.

What to Consider When Comparing Pressure Washer Rentals

Lowes Pressure Washers – Two important factors need to be considered when scouring for pressure washers, the GPM (Gallons per minute) which is the total water flow rate and PSI (Pounds per square inch) which indicates the amount of total pressure output the washer is capable of. Greater the pressure higher the number. You may want to combine the GPM and PSI to determine the total cleaning power of a washer.

How to Choose a Residential Pressure Washer Rental

Lowes Pressure Washers – Commercial and Residential pressure washers have different degrees of total cleaning power however they function more or less in the same way. Residential pressure washers are good for cleaning around the house such as driveways, decks, and preparing your house for painting, they are not designed for everyday and all day usage rather they are meant to do cleaning jobs a few hours a week. A typical residential pressure washer will have a PSI below 1900 and a GPM under 8.

Here are a few advantages of residential power washers.
• They are cheaper than the commercial ones.
• These are very portable.
• They are the most suited for household chores.

Lowes Pressure Washers – You may want to rent a residential pressure washer if your need is for once in a while cleaning of the home or apartment as they are portable and easier to use than a commercial washer. They are much cheaper to rent it rather than pay a bigger rental for a commercial pressure washer if you do not require a pressure washer with that extra power.

Commercial Pressure Washers

Lowes Pressure Washers – These are heavy duty pressure washers most commonly used in industries, construction areas and commercial kitchen, rightly as the name suggests, they are meant to be used all day full week. Professionals namely contractors and house painters prefer to use these machines.

Commercial washers can be divided into two subcategories:

• Washers with 2000 to 2900 PSI power are suitable for cleaning sidewalks, commercial trucks, bricks, airplanes, houses and patios.
• Washers with 3000 to 5000+ PSI power more suited for industrial uses, removal of heavy and stubborn stains on concrete blocks, stripping away old paint. These pressure washers are very rare, instead professionals prefer lower PSI with a higher GPM. To remove grime and dirt easily a pressure washer with 3000 PSI. A GPM between 5 and 8 results in faster cleaning as more water is available on the surface.

Let’s take a look at gas vs electric pressure washers:

A pressure washer can be powered either by gas or electric and both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Electric – As they do not emit any harmful smoke, they are safer indoors as a result it makes them the preferred choice for factories and kitchens. They are usually quieter the only disadvantage is the cord.
As these units use electricity you need to be careful when handling them to avoid getting water near any electrical components to prevent damage to the machine and to yourself even though there are safeguards in place you still need to be cautious.

Gas – The advantage of a Gas powered unit is their portability and therefore more suited for open and outdoor areas. They can be easily used deep into the woods, on a watercraft and far from electrical outlets as they do not have an electrical cord. If you need a powerful unit then you will require a gas unit as they are more powerful than an electric pressure washer. The only disadvantage with using gas powered pressure washers is that they are affected by price movements in gas and they can also be loud as compared to the electric pressure washers.

There are more options in the electric category than gas, the expert at Lowe’s rentals will be able to provide you with a lot of choices in both the electric and gas.

Let’s take a look at heated pressure washer vs cold water washers:

Lowes Pressure Washers – The pressure washers are available in cold water, hot water and tri-mode variations. The sophisticated industrial and commercial washers have the more temperature options, the residential washers are available in cold water only. Depending on your cleaning needs water needs will vary.

Cold water pressure washers are cheaper to run in the long term, they are the most effective for use on sap, dust, mud, sap and other natural materials. Cold water pressure washers consume less energy, depending whether it is gasoline or electric.

A hot water pressure washer are mostly electrical, their temperature can reach up to 330 degrees because the water needs to be heated inside the pressure washer which can then be more effective on removing stubborn stains such as oil, sugar, chemicals and emulsion. However hot water pressure washers are more expensive to run.

Pressure Washer Accessories

Lowes Pressure Washers – Pressure washer accessories help and are sometimes required for cleaning, water formation and accessibility, therefore you may need to rent them out at times, if you require to clean a two storey house then a pressure washer extension wand will be required.

Given below are a few common accessories to consider when renting a pressure washer:

• Brushes – They scrub the dirt and stains.
• Pressure washer wand extension – To clean tall buildings and home exteriors these can be helpful.
• Surface cleaners – To clean sidewalks and driveways spinning jets can be of great use.
• Cleaning chemicals – Various surface require variety of cleaning agents.
• Nozzles – To help control the flow of water spread either in a concentrated jet stream or wide spread and lighter.


Lowes Pressure Washers – You need information whenever you want to rent a pressure washer, therefore first you need to understand the type of cleaning job that you are undertaking and then rent one accordingly. Gas powered pressure washers can be rented when working outdoors while electrical powered pressure washers can be used when working indoors.

Commercial pressure washers are suited for large, industrial jobs, for household jobs, residential pressure washers are preferred. Depending on the type of job you want to do, total cleaning power, water temperature and mobility will be deciding factors. Searching for the correct information will save you money on unnecessarily wasting money renting a pressure washer that is too large, unwieldy and powerful.
It does not matter whether you are an expert or have an indepth knowledge in generators or a novice, we can help. Check Lowes pressure washers 2016 on Lowes.


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Best Power Washer Reviews – 2016

Best Power Washer Reviews for 2016 – Often at times even without using detergents, a power cleaner will give you amazing results, the best power washer will simply blast away all the dirt and grime, debris and harmful moulds away from your driveways, patios, decks leaving you with a sparkling superior clean. When you need to use detergents thats when you need to look at reviews and we will be reviewing some of the pressure washers here.

If you want a quick review you can check out Best Performance Power Washer Reviews in terms of performance and price below:

Best Power Washer as per Performance

The best Power Washer in terms of performance is the Simpson PowerShot 3200 Pressure Washer. It is the best Power Washer that is available in the market today. You won’t find any other machine that can beat it in terms of durability, performance or quality. Check its latest price and reviews on Amazon


Best Power Washer as per Price

The best Power Washer in terms of price is the Generac 6922 Power Washer. It is the best Power Washer that is available in the market today in terms of price. Check its latest price and reviews on Amazon


Best Electric Pressure Washer Reviews

Power Washer Reviews

What Do Our Power Washer  Reviews Have To Say?


1. AR Blue Clean AR383 1,900 PSI Electric Pressure Washer 

Power Washer Reviews  -The AR Blue Clean AR 383 comes with a total stop system. Many pressure washers are designed to be controlled at the wand however you don’t have full control. The water will continue to spray in many cases even when the pressure washer is turned off, but that’s what you get with the AR Blue Clean AR 383 you will get a true stop with this pressure washer and that is the advantage of using one. Check Price on Amazon

2. Sun Joe SPX3000 2030 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

Power Washer Reviews – The Sun Joe SPX 3000 pressure washer easily stands out, it’s 14.5 Amp, 1800 watt motor, if offers lightweight portability, and the power and strength to really clean well as compared to its peers. Cleaning your walkway stones in the garden, or your mysterious driveway is a matter of minutes, thanks to the power of this pressure washer. Check Price on Amazon

3. Campbell Hausfeld PW182501AV 1900 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

Power Washer Reviews – The Campbell Hausfeld pressure washer features a stop and start button that begins and ends almost instantly at the press of the button. When compared to gas powered pressure washers there will always be a delay  as the washer builds up its RPM but thats not the case with Campbell Hausfeld pressure washer as you will have immediate pressure, when you have finished cleaning just push the button to stop instantly and put the pressure washer away, really that simple. Check Price on Amazon

4. AR Blue Clean AR118 1,500 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

Power Washer Reviews – The AR Blue Clean model is 10 times more powerful, you will save 80% of water consumption as compared when using a garden hose to clean which simply means to clean your garden or your vehicle you will not incur a very high usage water bill. Check Price on Amazon

5. Generac 6922 2,800 PSI Gas Powered Pressure Washer

Power Washer Reviews – The Generac 6596 is very easy to set up takes less than 20 minutes as its connections are designed in a simple way. All that one is required to do is add oil and fuel, connect the handle to the frame and screw on the hoses and you are ready to go. This pressure washer is designed in such a way that one does not have to kneel down to get the nozzles connected to get pressure.

Check its latest price and reviews on Amazon

6. Generac 6602 OneWash 3,100 PSI Gas Powered Pressure Washer

Power Washer Reviews – The Generac 6602 pressure washer comes equipped with the largest and powerful engine in its class, in this class size really does matter as the size of the engine is big at 212cc OHV. This combined with the power dial variable controls help you control the force of the spray to effectively wash away the dirt, harmful mold and debris at home or in the driveways.  This pressure washer with 3100 PSI and 208 gallons per minute flow rate gives an amazing clean. This pressure washer is strong enough to fulfil all your limited commercial washing  and residential washing needs. Check Price on Amazon

7. Simpson MSH3125-S MegaShot 3100 PSI Gas Pressure Washer

Power Washer Reviews – Users can have a lot of versatility with this pressure washer, it is equipped with 0.25” high pressure hose, 5 quick nozzles to be connected to the wand. All that is required is simply click on the nozzle that you want, check that it is secured and you can clean in the way you require. The nozzles are available from 0 – 40 degrees and a separate soap applicator. Check Price on Amazon

8. Simpson PS3228-S PowerShot 3200 PSI 2.8 GPM Gas Pressure Washer

Power Washer Reviews – The users can clean almost any surface with this pressure washer as it comes with a triplex plunger pump combined with ceramic coated pistons. If you were to add power boost technology that is exclusive to this brand a higher and more consistent pressure at the nozzle becomes available, better results are obtained with less consumption of fuel as compared to other pressure washers at this retail. The end result is that one gets effective and affordable cleaning. Check Price on Amazon

9. AR Blue Clean AR112 1,600 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

Power Washer Reviews – The AR Blue Clean  pressure washer is built to withstand corrosion, their plungers are made from tempered stainless steel and three axial piston wobble plate pump helping to maintain a steady stream of pressurized water. Thanks to the quality of the craftsmanship that goes in this pressure washer you will truly enjoy the AR Blue Clean over seasons without much concern. Superior cleaning will be available everytime you use this pressure washer with its 1600 PSI provided through 1.58 gallons per minute. Check Price on Amazon

10. Generac 6921 2,500 PSI Gas Powered Pressure Washer

Power Washer Reviews – The Generac 6921 pressure washer hose is well designed and allows movement upto 25feet, easy to use access hose connections which saves you from bending to connect the water line. This pressure washer with 2500 PSI of power driven by its 196 cc OHV gives you a wonderful cleaning experience.ou’ll be able to make your vehicles, your fencing, and every other aspect of your property look brand new again. These benefits are only a click or two away. Discover the best make and model today and you’ll be cleaning like a pro as soon as tomorrow! Check Price on Amazon

Check the latest price and reviews of the Best Power Washer on Amazon

Pressure Washers Vs. Power Washers – What is the difference

Both power washing and pressure washing give you the same type of outcomes and they are both equally good with different surfaces and objects. There are however a few subtle points which are not the same.

Power Washers

As this washers deliver a lot of steady hot water as a stream at a steady pace, they are called power washers. You can call it a power washer depending on what the temperature of the water is. You can remove strong stains from sidewalks and even chewing gum with it. Another advantage of this type of a washer is that can kill moss and weed too, removing mold and mildew. They are best suited when the things to clean is lot and complex.

Pressure Washers

These washers depend completely on the force rather than the temperature of the water. Like their counterpart they good for cleaning decks, walls, walkways, patios however the only difference being lack of a standard unit of heating for the temperature of water. Pressure washers are best suited for cleaning bricks, masonry. When you do not have mold or moss, dirt or grime then a pressure washer gets the job done just perfectly.

The Confusion

A pressure washer and a power washer are almost the same in every sense. The differentiating factor being the heat and temperature of the water. A pressure washer uses normal water or cold water while a power washer uses high pressurized steam of water that is hot.

Interchangeable Nature

Since there is no considerable difference between pressure washers and power washers, many people refer to them just as pressure washers rather than power washers. Hot water pressure washers is also a name Power Washers are called today.

You can get either of these washers in any hardware store or home store. You get better deals on it online on Amazon though. The bigger units are best used for industrial applications as they are expensive, while the less expensive ones are excellent for use at home or other applications.

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Best Smoker Grill Reviews 2016

Best Smoker Grill Reviews 2016 – If you are here then its quite likely that you have already read a few reviews about pellet smokers, we would like to thank you for stopping by to take time and read this review. Whether you are in serious BBQ competition or want it for your backyard BBQ cooking, it just means that you are in the process of reviewing whether pellet smokers are a good choice.


Best Smoker Grill Reviews 2016

Best Smoker Grill Reviews


Listed below are the five best pellet smoker brands that are in the market and list in random order.
The pellet smokers mentioned here are the ones that have been recommended a lot by people who barbecue professionally like on FBA and KCBS, they are a few pellet grills that lead by virtue of name recognition.

The first thing you need to keep in mind when buying a pellet smoker is the thickness of metal used (the gauge).

Best Smoker Grill Reviews #1: Yoder Smokers

Best Smoker Grill Reviews – Pellet smoker Yoder enjoys a very high reputation for precision and quality. Yoder pellet smokers has a very strong name and reputation for precision and quality. The company is located in Hutchinson, KA they take pride in the fact that the product is a 100% local brand manufactured here and has the “Made in America” tag and is surely one of the best and reliable one in the market.
The Yoder YS640 is by far more stronger as a pellet smoker. Its body is made of 10 gauge metal, which means it will take much longer to heat but once it has reached its temperature this unit holds the temperature far more better than its rivals thin walled smokers. The standard rule is that if your smoker weighs about 315 lbs or more than you can be sure that you are buying a quality smoker. Sooner than later you will realize the fact that the heavy heat soaked metal smokers cook better and evenly than any other, absolutely nothing.

Check on Amazon

Best Smoker Grill Reviews #2: MAK Grills

Best Smoker Grill Reviews – MAK Grills pellet smokers is another of our own home grown product, this company is based in Dallas, OR. The MAK commenced their operations as a company of steel fabrication in 1990, over a period of time they ventured out to make pellet smokers so that you get a better grill than an oven.

The MAK does a great job of blending craftsmanship and precision design with fabrication of stainless steel.

According to Meat Head at Amazingribs, Pellet Boss which is the name of their system of temperature control, is by far the best in the business.

There is a good video review on pellet smokers, which features MAK Grills 2 Star General smoker and is created by Big Jake BBQit showcases the “cold smoking” feature, which shows that you can smoke for e.g. cold smoked salmon, nuts, cheese etc.

Check on Amazon

Best Smoker Grill Reviews #3: Fast Eddy’s – Cookshack Pellet Grills

Best Smoker Grill Reviews – Fast Eddy’s Cookshack pellet smokers is ranked among the best in the market today mainly due to its amazingly correct temperatures of cooking &  timings, thereby giving these cookers a unfair advantage incooking competitions. In 1986, Ed Maurin (Fast Eddy) made his first royal BBQ, from then, the BBQ attracted him and he made efforts to give it his best to commence production.

Check on Amazon

Best Smoker Grill Reviews #4: Memphis Wood Fire Grills

Best Smoker Grill Reviews – The Memphis Grills Pro model is a high end pellet smoker that you may want to try out. The price ranges in the $3000, this smoker is expensive, however it justifies the price in terms of being more stronger and has a memorable cooking experience.

In the Memphis Grills Pro model, there is a shelving on each side of the stainless steel, these are however removable to create more space. They are available either as a built in kitchen unit for outdoors or for indoor use.

The Memphis Pro model has a great grill flame which is direct, can sear and high heat you can add in Fruitwood pellets from Cookshack for a great flavour.

Memphis Pro Grills models, at 834 sq. inches fits into the upper midsize range which is big enough for a medium sized family.

The Memphis Pro grill is made up of professional oven grade gasket, dual walled construction, that reduces leakage giving you rich and bold flavour, and above all is made of stainless steel.

The only difference between MAK pellet grill and Memphis Pro Grills is that the MAK has the inbuilt cold smoking feature while the Memphis Pro Grills lack.

Check on Amazon

Best Smoker Grill Reviews #5: Rec Tec Grills

Best Smoker Grill Reviews – The reviews that we did till now were in the price range of $1000 and $3000, however if you need a reliable and well crafted pellet grill than you should consider looking at the REC TEC Grills, currently they retail at around $ 998 and it comes with a 6 year warrant…wow, a great price for a warranty of 6 years. These grills are Chinese made and not American.

For the price and features this pellet grill has been reviewed by many professional BBQ as a trustworthy cooker. The guys at REC TEC boast of its solid construction and their Smart Grill Technology and proprietary PID temperature control algorithm, the powder coated solid carbon steel parts which makes it a strong contender.

Check on Amazon

Final Thoughts About Buying And Fueling Pellet Smokers

To sum up, there are a few things you should know when you pellet smoker.
You should decide on your budget, if you are in the economy range then you should consider the REC TEC Grill Pellet smoker available under $ 1000 as it offer value for money spent, it is robust, solidly constructed, electronic tools.

The Yoder pellet smoker should be looked at if you have more money.

The REC TEC looks like a beast, the YS640 is a sturdier one weighing in at 315 lbs and features solid control equipments, this one should last a lifetime and give you pleasant cooking experience

Secondly, you will have to think which BBQ pellets would be the ones you will use. You will have to test and try different brand, mixes and blends simultaneously to narrow down on what brand and mixes you want to use on meats.

If you are here then its quite likely that you have already read a few reviews about pellet smokers, we would like to thank you for stopping by to take time and read this review. Whether you are in serious BBQ competition or want it for your backyard BBQ cooking, it just means that you are in the process of reviewing whether pellet smokers are a good choice.


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Best BBQ Smokers

Best BBQ Smokers Reviews 2016 –  Here in this article we will review the best 10 smokers, use these smokers for making slow, low and true barbecue. These smokers come with many great features and offer a wide array of options  from Electric to Charcoal, and these are the ones that you should be looking to buy when you are in the market. The list mentioned here  offer  the cook the best of the lazy –Q smokers to the true pit master that run on various types of fuel.

Best BBQ Smokers Reviews 2016

Best BBQ Smokers Reviews – 1. Weber Smokey Mountain 18 Inch Smoker

best bbq smokers, bbq smokers reviewsFor seasoned campaigners it sound rather strange to change a popular smoker such as Weber’s Smokey Mountain (WSM) smoker, they have made only slight changes as  requested by users to the unit. To give their users a better smoker they have added a lid mounted thermometer and a bottom mounted heat shield. Earlier you had to drill a small hole in the lid and put in the thermometer or place one inside and then regularly lift the lid to check the cooking temperature, now with the addition of a lid mounted thermometer, you can easily see the cooking temperature. The bottom mounted heat shield will protect any surface that you put your smoker on, all in all a better smoker. Check more reviews on Amazon

Best BBQ Smokers Reviews 2. Napoleon Apollo 3 in 1 Smoker

Napoleon Apollo 3 in 1 Smoker
The Napoleon Apollo 3 in 1 also better known as the ProQ, takes the  simple water smoker to a newer level. This three section smoker can be assembled to a large capacity charcoal smoker or a simple charcoal grill. Without wasting too much of charcoal this smoker is capable and loaded with features to smoke up a large amount of food or smaller food. The smoker comes with a standard bar in the lid for hooks to hang chunks of sausages or racks of ribs. It also features eyelets for meat probes and a very good airflow system, the downside being that the body connection points may cause leakage of smoke, but is a common thing in these types of smokers. This smoker is simple, basic but a great smoker. This will give you real good and authentic barbecue without much of hassles, not needing to worry about maintaining temperatures as required for vertical water smokers, if you just want a little “Q” once in a while or for a little bit of serious smoking this is a great smoker. Check more reviews on Amazon

Best BBQ Smokers Reviews 3. Old Smokey Electric Smoker

Old Smokey Electric SmokerThe Pit Barrel Cooker is easy to use and still simple charcoal unit that is capable of cooking upto eight racks of ribs at one go. This unit is designed to operate at around 300 degrees consistently, does not need much attention paid to it and is reliable to cook up some good food in a short span of time. It does create smokey flavours and great food, but serious smokey food lovers argue that this is not a real smoker. Check more reviews on Amazon

Best BBQ Smokers Reviews 4. Pit Barrel Cooker

Pit Barrel Cooker

  1. The Brinkmann Gourmet smoker is by far one of the best selling smokers in the market, also called by many as the Starter Smoker. This vertical and small water smokers does not have vents but is designed in such a way that it holds onto a constant smoking temperature. You can of course make modifications to make it work better, however if you are a novice to barbecue and need just a small smoker for occasional use then this inexpensive smoker is the right one for you.

The Big Chef and its little brother, the Little Chef have been designed in such a way for nearly 55 years that smoking things that do not necessarily fall into strict category of barbecue. If you need to smoke sausage, cheese, and jerky and fish this is a great smoker. The decent smoke production and the non-adjustable lower cooking temperatures is great for preserving foods and adding smoke flavour to things that one may not cook. Therefore if you are looking to smoke large cuts of great barbecue, this is the ideal one. Check on Amazon

Best BBQ Smokers Reviews 5. Big Chief Front Load Smoker

Big Chief Front Load SmokerFor smoking large cuts of great barbecue buy a different smoker. For nearly 55 years the Big Chief, and its little brother, the Little Chief, have been designed for smoking all those things that don’t traditionally fall into the strict category of barbecue. For smoking fish, jerky, sausage, cheese, this is the perfect smoker. The lower cooking temperatures, that can’t be adjusted, and decent smoke production is great for preserving foods and adding smoke flavor to things you might not cook, or might finish off someplace else. Check Price on Amazon

Best BBQ Smokers Reviews 6. Brinkmann Gourmet Charcoal Smoker-Grill

Brinkmann Gourmet Charcoal Smoker-GrillThe Brinkmann Gourmet smoker is by far one of the best selling smokers in the market, also called by many as the Starter Smoker. This vertical and small water smokers does not have vents but is designed in such a way that it holds onto a constant smoking temperature. You can of course make modifications to make it work better, however if you are a novice to barbecue and need just a small smoker for occasional use then this inexpensive smoker is the right one for you. Check on Amazon

Best BBQ Smokers Reviews 7. Bradley Smoker – Original

Bradley Smoker - Original

The refrigerator style smoker is the best of all the electric smoker appliances. This smoker is thermostatically controlled and can produce hot and cold smoke, thereby giving you a wider range of smoking options in this unit. You can add wood disks to the unit through a controlled mechanism which gives you either little or more smoke as you do not need to tend to the fire, the smoke is created by burning the wood disks. Once the unit is set you can leave it until it’s time for eating. Check on Amazon

Best BBQ Smokers Reviews 8. Camp Chef Smoke Vault 24

Camp Chef Smoke Vault 24The Camp Chef Smoker has a temperature from 160 degrees to 400 degrees F making it more versatile as compare to other smokers,  generally some users want to smoke in a specific temperature range whereby they can control the smoke, either to flash smoke or do a low temperature smoke. However the body is not insulated like many box style gas smokers, even though the door on this unit fits better there are chances you will get smoke leakage.

Best BBQ Smokers Reviews 9. Smoke Hollow 44-Inch Gas Smoker

Smoke Hollow 44-Inch Gas SmokerThe Smoke Hollow 44 inch smoker negates the limitations problem of  gas smokers the range of temperatures the unit can reach and the problem of leakage. The doors of the unit latch on securely and the dual burner gives a wider range of temperature. The Smoke Hollow 44 is a large smoker, it has five racks and seven cubic feet of capacity standing at 5 feet high. The life span of these units is shorter due to the use of lightweight burners and thinner metals, if there is a problem in function of this unit it will take a long time to get it fixed, therefore utmost care has to be taken to keep this unit in good working condition. Check more reviews on Amazon

Best BBQ Smokers Reviews 10. Char-Griller Smokin’ Pro

Char-Griller Smokin' Pro

The Char- Griller smoker is easy to use and you can even get a rotisserie kit for it. This unit like the other units double up as a charcoal grill and is the least expensive type of smoker in the market, their design is also very popular making it another classic offset firebox smoker. Check more reviews on Amazon

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Best Charcoal Smoker Reviews 2016

Best Charcoal Smoker Reviews 2016 – When an authentic barbecue has been tasted by people for the first time they get drawn to the flavor that is explosive and at the same time the tenderness of the food. This finding many at times lead the people to wonder if it is possible that they can recreate the same taste at home, unfortunately to get food that tastes as good as a professionally cooked barbecue you cannot just throw some food on the grill.

Best Charcoal Smoker Reviews 2016

It is no wonder that people who want an authentic barbecue use a charcoal smoker because the way to cook a barbecue is just as important as the sauce you put on it. Professional and amateur BBQ chef’s across the world use the charcoal smoker as the gold standard. If one wants to make a good meat at home one could use the standard grill but to make some serious stuff like making ribs, pulled pork or bacon, fish or turkey then it becomes absolutely necessary to have a smoker.

Smokers are available in various shapes and sizes but the important thing to bear in mind is that you need to control flow of heat and air inside the smoker, by doing this you can slowly smoke meats with genuine BBQ flavor. During the cooking process, the best charcoal smoker will give you the precise details and controls of the temperature.

However,  one needs  to keep an eye on the  food, but because of the constant environment it gives you a lot of leeway. Also when you use a good quality charcoal smoker, ash, flyaway soot, and creosote are taken care ;this gives you opportunity to concentrate on  the cooking process.

3 Best Charcoal Smoker Reviews

Best Charcoal Smoker No. 1 – Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker Smoker 18.5 Inch

best charcoal smoker, charcoal smoker reviewsThe Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker by far does a great job of making backyard smoking easy and reliable. Temperature and wind changes  are easily compensated by the 18.5 inch smoker which  has multiple vents , this comes with two nickel-plated grates for  481 square inches of cooking space.

The  Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker comes  with a water pan, built-in thermometer and a storage cover. It’s solid construction is what   sets this smoker apart from others. This won’t break easily even if f you’re going to be loading and unloading your smoker constantly. Durability is assured due  to its  porcelain-enamel coating which prevents  rusting,  due to these 2 factors of dependability and durability you’ll find yourself using this smoker for many years.



  • Wide Charcoal Door — The Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker 18.5 Inch door makes it easy to load charcoal, when the unit is in use this prevents users from knocking the water pan into the coals. In comparison other units tend to ignore this fact, which makes them difficult to use.
  • Door Latch – The door is always secure by a spring-loaded door latch, in comparison other models without a spring-loaded door are susceptible to open while the unit is in use.
  • Thermometer – Another useful feature is the thermometer that is built into the lid of the unit which allows you to control the temperature of the unit thereby saving you a few precious dollars anywhere in the range of $50.
  • Ash Catch Pan – Cleaning the unit becomes a simple task, one does not have to deal with dirty ashes flying all over the place, all that one has to do is simply empty the catch  pan as  all the  ashes are collected in the pan when it is burnt.


  • One has to be really careful with the front access door which is delicate and one needs to be careful not to bend it out of shape. The only real drawback with this unit is that the front access door is a little flimsy, so you have to be careful not to bend it out of shape.


The Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker smoker is a great buy and value for the price; compared to the more expensive units, it performs well and is easy to use. The other features of smoke production which is perfect and the thermometer makes it easy to maintain temperature.

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Best Charcoal Smoker No. 2 –  Weber 731001 Smokey Mountain Cooker

Weber 731001 Smokey Mountain Cooker

The Weber 731001 Smokey Mountain Cooker delivers at home  an authentic smokehouse flavor. This unit has two nickel-plated 22-1/2 inch cooking grates which  gives you  726 inches of ample cooking space. The unit  comes with individual vents, snap on cover and a water pan. One should not lose out on this product which comes with a 10 year limited warranty.

The smoker is built of  porcelain-enamel steel, and features a built-in thermometer that helps to maintain a constant temperature of the unit. The space provided is more than the 18 inch unit, which mean  you can now cook more food all at once. One does not have to monitor the unit to ensure that it is lit and cooking properly as the unit itself regulates its temperature,  though it is not the  cheapest smoker on the market, it’s worth it.

One can slowly smoke meats for 10-12 hours and leave it on for  without having to worry and check on the same every couple of minutes. Another unique feature is its charcoal stand that collects ashes without extinguishing the flame.

Likes its predecessor the 18.5 inch model,  one again needs to be careful with the access door which is again delicate and any hard pressure will bend the door. However once the door is in place it creates a good seal you need not have to be messed again. The charcoal  door has been made big to allow adding or removing charcoal during the cooking process while other units make it almost impossible to do this.


  • Ample room space
  • Ease of use
  • Convenient digital thermometer
  • Huge quantity of food can fit inside
  • No need to add extra charcoal, can smoke for eight hours
  • Fire never extinguishes as the charcoal is raised above the ash.
  • Durable cover


Overall the Weber 731001 is a great smoker. The cooking space is huge, and it can easily fit in almost any food that you can imagine. The internal temperature is maintained very well, also one needs not worry about the ash extinguishing the flame. The unit is a value buy and worth its money considering the sheer size and the heat retention qualities.

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Best Charcoal Smoker No. 3 –  Dyna-Glo DGO1176BDC-D Charcoal Offset Smoker

Dyna-Glo DGO1176BDC-D Charcoal Offset Smoker

The Dyna-Glo is a cute looking unit that features a dual door access. The body of the unit is made of steel, but is not as strong as compared to other units in the market. The unit tends to lose heat when one is cooking as it is a bit thin for a smoker. This unit needs to be monitored to make sure when cooking on a cold days.

Powder Coated Finish – As the powder coating on the unit is very thin, one needs to be careful of storing the unit during the rains or snow, it is best not to leave the unit out in the open. If one needs to leave it outside, ensure that it is covered with plastic or tarp. Ensure to take utmost care of the units as the steel is thin and may need replacement if it begins to rust.



  • Cheap and it cooks reasonably well.
  • A good starting unit.
  • Addition of wood chips to the unit to enhance the food flavor as the Dyna-Glo can cook a lot of food at once.


  • Smoke leaks through the firebox, and maintaining temperature becomes a problem, this problem can be fixed by using glue on the edges but few prefer it that way.
  • There are many people who complain that the unit does not maintain temperature very well as the Dyna-Glo has thin steel walls, also some people complain of not getting correct reading from the thermometer that comes with the unit.


For the price the Dyna-Glo  is a  great charcoal smoker.

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Thursday, 13 October 2016

Best Essential Oils 2016

Best Essential Oils 2016 – Are you puzzled regarding just what finest important oil brand names to get? We understand it could be an aggravating and also frustrating experience with looking into one website after an additional.

You review post and also short articles going over crucial oils as well as their pureness. Numerous vendors as well as firms assert they offer 100% pure as well as the all-natural plant’s therapeutic-grade necessary oils. There are for all intent as well as functions, no collection criteria for important oils.

The “pure” fragrant important oils have no contamination or results. Ingredients and also chemicals are damaging to skin and also minimize the performance and also function of the vital oil. You could locate where the plant was expanded or sort of water utilized in the distilling procedure. Was it made with “pure Rocky Hill sparkling water?” It could be a difficult experience picking the most effective important oil brand name. Make use of the complying with list for you home requires as a notified customer.

Also check our review on the Best Essential Oil Diffuser.

Best Essential Oils 2016

Best Essential Oils No.1 – Young Living™ Essential Oils

best essential oilsBest Essential Oils –

Young Living ™ is a vital oil business established in 1993. They recognize their dedications as well as ensure their product of therapeutic-grade crucial oils. They work out quality assurance from the agricultural seeds grown to growing, gathering, and also distilling.

They make use of care, treatment, and also moral standards in each action from seed germination, nurturing, and also enjoying the produced plants at simply the ideal phase of development. This treatment generates a terrific item that is supplied to you. Their client emphasis is incorporated right into their site for real-time conversations, offering their e-mail address, and also a toll-free number to help clients.



  1. They recognize their vital oil handling approaches as well as do not rebottle their item
  2. They have actually beened around for 22 years (in 2015) and also virtually the papa of vital oils in the USA
  3. Youthful Living ™ has the biggest stock of crucial oils with 86 songs and also 78 blends
  4. Young Living ™ utilizes amber/brown glass containers for their important oils


  1. They are one of the most pricey necessary oil business in the industry to this day
  2. They periodically lack supply, marketing regarding 30% of the necessary oils from their plants and also the equilibrium is made use of as natural plant food on plants.

Best Essential Oils No.2 – dōTERRA® Essential Oils

dōTERRA® Essential Oils

dōTERRA ® Vital OilsBest Crucial Oils – Established in 2008, dōTERRA ® is the new kid in town as well as shares their extensive individual experience.

You will certainly locate that the crucial oils by dōTERRA ® undergo the Licensed Pure Therapeutic-Grade (CPTG) screening, an authorized top quality method utilizing a reduced warm purification procedure.

If you are not pleased with their items, you could return them for a 100% reimbursement. On the various other hand, you could get 100% credit report on a future acquisition. The items should not be dated when you send them back.

Their items are costly, yet less costly compared to Young Living ™ Business’s items.


  1. They execute scientific research study for marketing a terrific item
  2. Their item has no socio-economic limits


  1. You are called for to pay a $35 enrollment charge for subscription
  2. They do not have their very own ranches for expanding plants for important oils as well as do not boil down the plants for oils


Best Essential Oils No. 3 – Edens Garden™ Essential Oils


eden-garden-essential-oilsEdens Yard ™ is among the prominent important oil firms that regulate the quality as well as top quality of their items by turning the supply at the same time every 2 weeks. They have actually been running from San Clemente, The golden state, because 2009. They do not endanger on their high quality items. Their oils are kept at an exact temperature level with very little light to guarantee the restorative residential or commercial properties.

You will certainly locate their items crammed in brownish-yellow (brown) glass containers. This assists to protect the chemical plant residential properties as well as efficiency of the oil. The oils are 100% pure and also do not consist of extra bases, fillers, or ingredients. If you are not pleased or satisfied with their item, you could return it within One Month of acquisition.


  1. They have a substantial collection of 150 necessary oils as well as this enables them to have several discount rates, offers, and also benefits on each item
  2. Without making use of herbicides, chemicals, or any kind of dangerous chemicals, they give 100% therapeutic-grade oils

Best Essential Oils No.4 –  Rocky Mountain Oils


Rocky-Mountain-OilsBest Crucial Oils – Rocky Hill Oils are gotten from little natural ranches internationally. Every one of their vital oils are rated 100% pure healing. This guarantees you obtain a high quality item. Quality items originated from smaller sized ranches where quality assurance could be much better preserved. This firm’s honesty lacks exemption. They offer necessary oils in 100 songs as well as 75 blends for your diverse choice options.

The oils are utilized by individuals in their residences, in workplaces as well as medical spas, massage therapy specialists, anywhere alone or with important oil diffusers. Their 100% complete satisfaction assured items vouch for their extensive requirements.

A few of their oils are packaged in 15 mL containers for all important oil perfectionists and also here are 3 terrific oils:

Nerve Fixing– with the components of basil, helichrysum (sunflower household) italicum wonderful for recovery injuries as well as expanded in Croatia; pepper mint, as well as marjoram mixed in a base of wild fractionated coconut oil. This item is GC/MS accredited as a 100% pure necessary oil and also naturally expanded. It promotes flow, reduces swelling, swelling, pains as well as assists fix broken nerves when nerve discomfort drug does not function.

Immune Toughness– with the components of clove bud (eugenia caryophyllata), cinnamon bark (cinnamomum zeylanicum), lemon (citrus limonum), orange (citrus sinensis), oregano (origanum vulgare hirtum), red mandarin chinese (citrus nobilis), thyme (thymus vulgaris ct thymol), ajowan seed (trachyspermum ammi), rosemary (rosmarinus officinalis), nutmeg (myristica fragrans), ginger origin (zingiber officinale), as well as eucalyptus citriodora. Ginger alone is very advantageous for tummy as well as digestive tract troubles. Clove alleviates toothache discomfort. Packaged in a 5 mL container, it is effective for a basic all over upkeep oil for reinforcing the body immune system. It supplies several advantages for swelling, infections, germs, infections, fungi, germs, and also bloodsuckers sustaining nerve wellness, urinary system and also blood circulation systems, breathing, the start of colds, influenza, as well as coughings. It provides psychological equilibrium, raises power degrees, aids expelling of mucous, cools down a high temperature, and also warms cools. In addition to that, it enhances liver as well as digestion features.

Take a breath Reduce– in 15 mL containers are created to provide breathing, respiratory disease, bronchial asthma, influenza, colds, high temperatures, coughings, sinus problems alleviation, as well as assists to remove mucous. It will certainly assist to reduce microbial, fungal, viral infections as well as relaxes nerves, nervous sensations– simply fantastic for mind, body, and also heart. The powerful components are eucalyptus globulus, eucalyptus radiata, myrtle (myrtus communis), eucalyptus citriodora, pepper mint (India) (mentha piperita), spruce (tsuga canadensis), ravintsara (cinnamonum camphora), want (pinus nigra), as well as wonderful marjoram (origanum marjorana l.).
Usage daily in your necessary oil diffuser for restorative advantages as well as for boosting your state of mind.


  1. Important oil items are gotten from little natural ranches worldwide considering that smaller sized ranches keep their plants much more vigilantly, hence creating remarkable oils
  2. 90-day warranty on oils with complete reimbursement if client is not pleased
  3. Diffusers feature a 1-year minimal service warranty if they are faulty as well as break
  4. New classifies being published for corresponding business with potentially haveing agricultural name of plants
  5. Huge choice of the leading necessary oils consisting of over 100 songs as well as 75 blends
  6. Combining with each various other, these firms: No line areas:
  7. Satisfy newbies: Rocky Hill Oils and also concentrate on the “scientific research of the oils”
  8. Accommodate progressed: Indigenous American Nutritionals as well as concentrate on the “scientific research of the spirit of the oils”


  1. One client grievance with the Bbb (BBB) regarding delivering the item long after client’s settlement was transferred to RMO’s account; settled by RMO by completely reimbursing cash and also sending out oils, yet behind the second-day delivery after order obtained


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