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Pressure Washer Hose

Pick Hose Diameter

pressure washer hose

There are many ways in which one can buy pressure washer hose, the first option is take the current one to the store and get a replacement, the other option is to go online and check out if you know the diameter and specifications, which otherwise will also be mentioned in the user manual. However there are 3 diameter hoses one can choose from:


Out of  the 10 best pressure washers and extension hoses that were bought online;


  • 8 were ¼ inch diameter,this is the most common one that is used  around home as replacement in pressure washers. The other 2 were
  • 3/8 inch diameter which are used for heavy duty pro machines as they require a high volume of flow requirement as the diameter is thick.
  • 5/16 inch diameter are not widely used as the other 2.

Pick Hose Material


The component that the hose is made up of is important as this will influence its pricing, durability and flexibility.

The widely available 3 types in the market are:

  • Plastic Hose: This hose is the most affordable one, it is used in light duty and medium duty pressure washers. Though being quite flexible users wished that this could have been more flexible. A garden hose is made of plastic PVC.
  • Rubber hose or Synthetic Hose: A good garden hose will be ideally made of this material, however a 50 foot rubber high pressure hose will cost anything upwards of $ 50 or more.
  • Polyurethane Hose: This hose offers the best of everything that one can look for in terms of durability, flexibility, weight etc however it is also the most expensive one for reasons outlined.

Connection Type

An adaptor will always be required to make optimum use of the hose, therefore it does not matter  what type of connection your pressure gun, wand or pressure washer is.

Here’s what connections are out there:

  • Female and Male M22 threaded –  Make sure your gun is M22 male as all replacement hoses are M22 female on both ends.
  • Female and Male Quick-connect – These Quick connect  connections are normally packaged and included with the pressure washers, in case extra are needed please order them at the time of purchase.

Pick Hose Length

Do you want 25, 35 or 50-ft length? Take your pick.

Which are the recommended pressure washer hoses?

The 1/4-inch Pressure Washer Hose To Buy: Briggs and Stratton 25-foot 3000 PSI Hose

The 3/8-inch Pressure Washer Hose To Buy: Simpson 50-foot 4500 PSI Hose

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